Economic Impact of Festival in Qatar. 

From a general point of view any festival has following impacts on any country/city /society: Festival helps the country to boost its economy. Festival helps to foster community pride in a large way. Festivals help people to teach and at the same time learn new things from the visitors, and Festival often helps a country or any community to strengthen its relationship with the neighboring nations. (Grames & Vitcenda, 2012).

In this paper the main objective is to analyze the economic status of Qatar from an overall perspective, measure how it able to grow in a span of last ten or so years and how various festivals of Qatar helps the country to boost its economy. The paper will also focus on government spending in various kinds of festivals in Qatar and whether those spending by the government able to yield good result in terms of stable economic relation with others, boosting the economy as a whole, developing the overall infrastructure of the country etc.

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Economic Impact of Festival in Qatar. 
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Diversity in the festival is one of the main attractions of Qatar. Over the year Qatar is started to gain popularity among rest of the world due to its variety of international festival. Doha is the capital of Qatar and also the hub of every kind of economic, social and political activities. Doha is the main country which represents the cultural diversity of the country of Qatar in front of rest of the world. Doha is well recognized in every part of the globe for its food festival, film festival, ethnic cultural activity etc. Doha is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. The growth of the city is mainly due to high volume exports of oil, liquefied natural resources (mainly gas) and other petrochemicals. The city is very modern with high sky-scrapers and high standard of livings among the people of the city. The city is in the center of attraction by hosting the various international conference and local festivals.

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