Economic of race and gender: housewife to career. 

Housewife to career. Needs to be plagiarism free! However, the scenario has changed a lot in recent times. At present, the majority of the women in this world has no restriction in selecting their roles in our society. Modern women can work, select profession and select their own lifestyles such as lesbianism or staying together. They are enjoying financial freedom nowadays because of the profession. However, the debate is still going on. whether women should work or not. Some people believe that a profession is better for women whereas others argue that being in the state of a housewife is better for women.

The role of women is changing day by day in our society because of the huge developments happening in science and technology and subsequent changes in human life principles. Women in the past were confined within the boundaries of their home. Moreover, they have shown less interest in getting an education. In fact, the social customs and the traditions prevented the women in the past from getting an education. The traditions in the past were such that it is the duty of the women to look after family matters whereas it is the duty of the men to find livelihood for the family. However, the scenario has changed a lot in the past few decades. Heavy industrialization created more opportunities in the industrial sectors and the male community failed to fill the vacancies. It became necessary or inevitable for the women to assist men in their professional work. Thus, women came out from kitchens and started working in factories and industrial units. Moreover, they forced to acquire more education since it was necessary for getting better jobs. In short, opportunities in the industrial sector and increased education helped the women to think about changing their status from a housewife to a professional. This paper analyses the social and economic aspects involved in the change of status of women from housewife to professionals.

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Economic of race and gender: housewife to career. 
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Actress Penelope Cruz recently said being a housewife is the “best thing in the world”.&nbsp.

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