Education in Saudi Arabia and Canada.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Education in Saudi Arabia and Canada. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In Canada, education is mostly provided by the federal government. Canada is divided into provinces and these provinces oversea education. Education starts in primary school, secondary school and post-secondary education. In most provinces, education is compulsory until 16 years “Council Of Ministers of Education Canada 3-5”.

One variation between education in Canada and education in Saudi Arabia is an attitude. In Saudi Arabia, mandatory attendance of school has not been imposed by the government. The students are encouraged to attend school since education is given free to all citizens. However, in Canada, education is mandatory for all students until the age of 16 years. The education is provided for by the federal government and is almost universal in all provinces except a few of them. There are jurisdictions that have ministries of education that are responsible for the organization, delivery, and assessment of education in the various levels of education “Council Of Ministers of Education Canada 3-12”.

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The mode of teaching in Canada is in English and French. All courses are taught in English or French depending on the area. This makes their education more recognized since it is taught in languages most used in the world. Saudi Arabia on the other hand, the language used in teaching is Arabic. English is taught as a subject but is not spoken during the learning process. Having English as an official teaching language makes Canada compete with the education system of the USA and UK. Many students go to study in Canada. There are approximately 240000 international students in Canada at all levels of learning. Canada is ranked the 6th popular destination for international students. Saudi Arabia on the other hand, not so much, in terms of international students.

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