Education: Posner Terms.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Education: Posner Terms. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. My personal experience of studying or observing teaching tasks in the curriculum has had a very dynamic influence on my overall personality. For example, they helped me know the role of a teacher in building behaviours of students.

Curriculum development is not only a technical process but also a social process. The reason is that the contents of a curriculum make a significant impact on the minds of children and make them behave accordingly in society. Some of the main factors that function as both resources and constraints for the curriculum include multiculturalism, personal backgrounds, and cultural values.

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Education: Posner Terms.
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My personal experience regarding the impact of frame factors on the curriculum is not very clear, as I have not participated in the curriculum development process yet. However, I think a middle way is always there when deciding whether a factor would work more as a resource or as a constraint.

Availability of time and costs associated with the development of a curriculum are two of the main proximal factors as mentioned by Posner. Availability of time is the key element which teachers and administration always keep in mind while changing the contents of the curriculum in such a way that students become adapted to the new contents and design. My personal experience regarding proximal factors is that these factors do not seem to be overshadowing the aspect of frame factors but they do have a significant impact on the curriculum change process. I have learned that curriculum developers should always consider these factors in order to design an effective curriculum for students.

Multicultural education means the provision of such education to students that include a study of all main cultures and religions of the world. For example, Canada and America are multicultural societies where people from different parts of the world have come for personal and professional reasons. Now, there is a need to provide basic cultural education to the children of all immigrant groups so that they can remain attached to the norms of their own cultures and societies.&nbsp.

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