Educational facility planning project.

Dos and Don’ts for Educational Facility Planning Project Dos and Don’ts for Educational Facility Planning Project The dos and don’ts for the educational planning facility should go in line with standard educational requirements, and be reasonably justified. There should be more concern towards achievement of the required objectives as opposed to the financial planning that follows this process. In this regard, it is essential that the planning process follows a set recommended do and don’ts as described in this piece with reference to Scotts’ Do’s and Don’ts of Educational Specifications.

The provision of space that supports the learning environment should be ideal. The space should be standard and as per the recommended guidelines. The planner should fit the available finances into the standard plan rather than fit the plan into the available finances. In such a case, there will be concern towards achieving the correct space for present as well as the future.

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Educational facility planning project.
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In the development of an approach that will settle the scores between the budgetary constraints and educational requirements. Care should be taken in avoiding an approach that will constrain the facilities due to the available cash. It would be better to develop a few compulsory facilities and leave space for future developments, rather than develop all facilities, but with constraints. This approach will aim at ensuring quality.

The facility aims at providing comprehensive educational specifications that link the education programs offered with the design of the facility. In achieving this objective, all features necessary for a certain facility should be incorporated into the design. This will involve the use of relevant personnel. Proper documentation should assist in ensuring the proper steps are followed. The planners, should thus, use the resources available at their disposal to ensure that they get the requirements for the facilities right and not focus on what they think is right. They should apply facts, procedures and standards in determining the requirements.

There should be proper communication between the designers and the educators, whereby the educator is responsible for stating what is required and the designer is responsible for stating how the requirements are met. The educator has the requirements in a theoretical perspective and should not be involved in determination of the design. The designer is responsible for ensuring that the required and stated specifications are met fully.

The process of planning for the education facility at hand requires consultation with experts, who are responsible for approving some of the required standards. The planner should thus stick to professionals in getting the required specifications. The planer should also refrain from involving the users as they only have a perception of what is expected but have no professional knowledge of how it is done. The designers should thus be approved professionals in the education field.

The process of planning for an education facility involves a series of processes and requirements that need to be heeded to. Therefore, this paper has presented a set of dos and don’ts that need to be adhered to in order to ensure that the facility meets the required standards and can serve the desired purpose fully. The piece has presented what should be done and what should not be done in various areas like design, planning, staffing and finances.


Scott, M. Dos and Donts of Educational Specifications.

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