Electric Cart Deign.

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Electric Cart Deign. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Provided in this project is a list of available components. The project’s objective is to design, develop, and build an electric cart for transporting a load to a given distance. The components provided are motor, batteries, battery holder, gears, chain and brass rod. This report’s deliverables will be a minimum of three concepts generated and presented in a sketch form to represent the electric cart’s layout. In these sketches, the telemetry unit’s physical location, ballast, motors, and wheels will be located. Out of the three selected concepts, the most appropriate will be selected using a reasoned argument that explores the disadvantages and advantages of each. Finally, an engineering drawing will be created to convey the important sizes of the selected scheme.

There are conditions or standards that the electric cart has to meet. One of these is that it must carry a ballast whose weight is 1 kg maximum. As it carries this load or ballast, it must do it for a distance of 5 m, and it must do it as fast as possible. The electric cart also has to maintain a reasonable amount of speed so that it accomplished the task as fast as possible. It must also demonstrate the ability to be quick and energy-efficient. It must be made from materials that make it as cheap as possible. During the task run, the electric cart has to be able to start and stop. The electric cart also has to appear in a particular way, in this case, streamline-like.

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There are three main components of an electric cart. These are battery, electric motor and switch. The battery consists of the base of this electric cart. There are three batteries in this case. Each battery is 1.5 V . a total of 4 batteries will be used to run two motors that are six voltage each. In this cart, the controller is just a usual switch having an ON position when it is accelerating and an OFF position when the cart is decelerating.

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