Electronic and mobile commerce.

Need an research paper on slp 4 electronic and mobile commerce. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism. E-Commerce and Marketing al Affiliation Industry Brief of the E-commerce and/or M-Commerce model in the industry

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 Electronic and mobile commerce.
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Existence of worldwide website dedicated to travel has enabled people access information concerning their destinations. These websites focuses on travel reviews, booking of travel or both combined. For example in 2006 about 70 million consumers researched their travels through online travel plans (Caves & Guo, 2005). These are usually travelogues or journals created by travelers and hosted by companies who provide information to consumers free of charge. In this website they have specifications such as timeframe, service class, geographic locations and price range.




The use of traditional chains of distribution has declined with rise of online retail industry. Manufacturers sell their spare parts, and off shelf industrial products through the online channels. However the major goods sold by industries through online channels as their primary sales channels. Companies have to show different prices, build to order option, enable live charts with engineers in case of configuration problems and accept purchase orders and bill to the corporate account.

Principal at Great Northern products-www.qnpinc.com


Interconnection of global digital platform has led to astonishing change in the entertainment, media and publishing industry. From books and printed papers, music on CDs, movies rented on DVD and TVs network that forced people to be in front of screen at particular times have changed into always on, easy to time –shift and always with you entertainment, movies, e-books, and music. Revenue is generated through outright purchase e.g. music or purchase of movie theater ticket (Mennecke & Strader, 2002). Second is often subscription e.g. cable TV fees. Next is through advertising fees. Companies pay a lot of money for global advertisement of their business. For example in 2013 global advertising media revenue were estimated to be $489.6 billion.

www.complete-review.com,www.aardman.com, www.wandg.com


Consumers go to a variety of online and offline services to help them make decision in car buying since most of industries fail to satisfy their needs. The buying process can be simpler and quicker if content on the auto industry in the website is customized to be more relevant to their specific car preferences. This can be achieved through innovation on web chats and mobile enabled websites (Xu & Quaddus, 2010). To reach to more customers the manufacturers and dealer sites should integrate and put in place easier and clearer pricing. Also the company should offer after sale services e.g. maintenance.

www.DriveTheBest.com, www.AutoAves.com


Growth of internet has led to development of online and mobile banking. This has grown across deep and wide demographic including age, income and gender online banking forecast is that Generation Y will drive aspect of technology as it goes up. This shows that by 2014, 40% of the household will be using online banking (Caves & Guo, 2005). Online banking as become popular as a result of banks interest for full disclosure of their banking services.


In conclusion the above industries going into E-commerce and E-marketing the consumers are able to get goods and services of high quality and fair prices at touch of a button.


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