Electrospinning nanofibers using m-poss and polycaprolactone

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on electrospinning nanofibers using m-poss and polycaprolactone Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Methacryl POSS (M-POSS) and Polycaprolactone (PCL) are just one of the few polymers explored in the production of electrospun nanofibers. Solvents tried in various combinations and proportions are also tested to produce an output most suited for certain applications. M-POSS and PCL have been tried both individually and also combined together with other chemicals in the presence of different solvents in search of the fibers that would yield the best results. This paper explores the M-POSS: PCL nanofiber electrospinning in the presence of chloroform: acetone solvent in 1:1 proportion. The output for the process is discovered to be fully developed and can compete with other methods ready to be used in various applications.

Electrospinning is a technique utilizing electric force to generate fibers with diameters ranging from nanometer to micrometer sizes coming from combinations of polymers and solvents. Fibers produced have characteristics that are dependent on the solvents and polymers used that would best qualify for vast functionalities and varied applications (Tungrapa, et al). Basically, electrospinning requires polymer solution that would be injected through a needle placed at certain proximity of a grounded target. This needle is maintained at a critical voltage to create charge imbalance overcoming the surface tension of the polymer fibers. This would create an electrically charged jet. The grounded target is composed of a rotating mandrel for the collection of polymeric fibers. (Rai, et al).

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Electrospinning nanofibers using m-poss and polycaprolactone
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The electrospun fibers produced are widely used in various ways and continuous research has been done to create an output suited for use. Applications of the polymer nanofibers produced through electrospinning can be summarized below (Huang, et al).

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