Elements that Impact City of Wasco Housing Authority.

Provide a 20 pages analysis while answering the following question: Elements that Impact City of Wasco Housing Authority. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The researcher states that the City of Wasco Housing Authority (WHA) is a public housing authority created in 1950. It was created and authorized to provide subsided accommodation to farm labor workers and low-income households with their housing needs by state law. Unlike the Kern County Housing Authority, WHA is distinct because it is small in size and not connected to a large housing authority. It receives a subsidy to support its operations from the Housing and Urban Development. The law requires the Authority to comply with regulations and notices and ensure consistency in operations of the program. The authority used a modernization program to replace labor units built during the Second World War. The units required urgent replacement and thus, upon receiving funding from the United States Rural Development (USDA), the authority immediately replaced the labor units. The program assisted in lowering maintenance costs for the authority. Consequently, it improved the quality of life for the clients. Public housing is administered by the City of Wasco Housing Authority and funded by the federal government. The PHAs are governed by a board of officials commonly known as commissioners. They are appointed into office in accordance with state housing laws. They serve in a similar capacity as directors of a corporation. The commissioners are charged with the responsibility of establishing policies under which the authority performs its business and ensures that they are followed by PHA staff. In addition, the board is charged with the responsibility for preserving and expanding the agency’s resources and assuring the agency’s continued viability and success. The actions of the PHA are undertaken through written resolutions that are adopted by the board.

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Elements that Impact City of Wasco Housing Authority.
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