Elevator pitch and technologies

 Elevator pitch and technologies. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Elevator Pitch and Technologies Business Answer An elevator pitch is a 30-60 seconds of a profession, product, service, organization, a person and the value of its proposition (O’Leary 24). An elevator pitch helps an individual to have a powerful impression. The first impression is vital, because after the first thirty seconds, the mind will start wandering. Many people have less time, therefore, one need the shortest time to grab the other person or they will lose them forever. When I want to explain a high-tech idea to someone, I would explain the advantages of the tech, and then proceed to explain to him or her how it is developed and the reasons we need the high-tech.

Answer 2

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Elevator pitch and technologies
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There are no businesses without competitors. Every businessman aims at making profits and expanding his or her business. A lucrative business that attracts or maximizes its profits will attract a lot of competitors (Estill and Long 143). However, not every person will invest in a similar business like his or her competitor. One of the major reasons is that some competitors do not have the required capital to invest in the business. Some competitors are not ready to risk in the business like their competitors.

Answer 3

It is not wrong to have an idea that there are no competitors. Developing an idea depends on an individual. Having and implementing an idea are two distinct factors. A unique idea depends on an individual and one is most highly going to lack competitors. However, it is a red flag in venturing into a business that you think has no competitors (Estill and Long 131). Venturing into such business has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that a successful monopoly dictates the prices in the market. No business lack competitors and when you venture into the market with a notion that there are no competitions you risk going at a loss because the prices of commodities will vary and you may enjoy the way you expected.


Answer 1

The knowledge revolution is more inclined towards communication. The technology that we currently use would not be inexistence without the 18th century revolution. The 18th century revolution provided the foundation of the current revolution. The production of mobile phones and computers demands a lot of technological knowledge, and it has transformed from unskilled labour to skilled-based labour today. The industrial revolution has led to the birth of the current knowledge revolution because the transformation has been systematic over the years.

Answer 2

Altering most software programs is one of the key areas software companies us to attract women to the technology industry. Most people and industries believe that women are less productive than men in advanced software programs. Men contribute highly in the advanced software industry than women. You will find a larger number of men than women in most advanced software companies showing the perception of women in these industries. When a woman is seen in a field majorly populated by men, she is seen to have extra ordinary features. Most women will shy off such job opportunities, and this is the major reason major software technologies are opening positions that attract women.

Answer 3

A scholarly source is published or a peer reviewed source such as a university publisher or a journal. The Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post are scholarly sources. This is because they are journals that are published by scholarly society or association that are recognized by a recognized publisher. They are reviewed by different authors occasionally and they use evidence to support and authenticate their findings. The Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post are written for the popular and academic audience.

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