Employability and professional development

These positive figures for the law graduates in terms of recruitment paint a favourable picture for the current law graduates. The same applies in relation to the salary figures as well. When compared with other graduates, law graduates tend to get better salary package. That is, university leavers “who manage to secure a graduate job in 2014 can expect an average starting salary just short of the £30,000 mark”, however, when it comes to law graduates, “who secure a position with a law firm can expect much more – with average starting salaries in 2014 of £39,000.” (Employment 4 Students 2014). When one analysis a job market from the perspective of prospective employees or graduates, recruitment and salary numbers are the two key factors which will be focused. On those lines, with the recruitment numbers and the salary range in the legal profession showing encouraging signs, it augurs well for the current as well as future law graduates.

It is paramount on the part of the law graduates to equip themselves with optimal employability skills and capabilities, so they aptly fill the job vacancies. When the law graduates are imbibed with certain skills from their early years and importantly develop certain skills through their academics, it will aid them to find their dream job in a prestigious law firm. On those lines, I have developed or am “imbibed” with certain skills which I think will be quite apt for the law firms. Importantly, if those skills and capabilities are critically evaluated and assessed based on the CareerEDGE model of Dacre Pool & Sewell (2007), it will provide key perspectives. CareerEDGE, developed by Lorraine Dacre Pool and Peter Sewell at the University of Central Lancashire, is a practical model that is used to analyze graduate employability. Under this model, graduates need to analyze themselves on the basis of five critical elements.

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 Employability and professional development
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