Employee Resistance to Management Control.

 Employee Resistance to Management Control. It needs to be at least 1500 words. It was found that Oracle Computers Inc has a formal management and control systems that sustain strong corporate culture and employee loyalty. It adopted cultural control strategy at the strategic level of control and output strategy at an operational level. However, in a bid to meet conditions laid for accessing government intervention, certain decisions were taken, which affected the relationship between middle managers and top management. The managers devised various ways of resisting the managerially-imposed change. They planned collectively but acted individually. They capitalized on their good relationship with the factory workers to manipulate the sentiments of the latter against the top management. Their resistance is resentment-based and not necessarily resistance to changes aimed at reducing wastages.

For the purpose of this study Oracle Computers Inc. was used as an explanatory case study for some theoretical underpinnings. A middle manager in human resource department was interviewed. The interviewee has worked in the organization for ten years and has been working as a Human Resource manager for 2 years. This report does not claim that this is exactly what the organization is like. The information used relies on the interviewee’s perception.

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Employee Resistance to Management Control.
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Theoretical background

Schein’s (1992) organisational culture model was used to identify what constitutes the culture of the organization under scrutiny. Schein describes that organisational culture constitutes the unspoken and tacit guidelines and expectations that enable people within an organization to get along (Schein 1992). Schein’s model portrays organisational culture as having three levels. These are underlying assumptions, values and artefacts (Linstead, Fulop & Lilley 2004). Underlying assumptions identify the beliefs held by members within the organisation about the organization. Values indicate what staff consider to be important about working within the organization.&nbsp.

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