English in the Community.

Despite some resistance observed in various countries due to cultural differences, English has grown to become the world language in many ways.

Throughout history, linguists have come to realize that some languages are more similar than others and have succeeded in tracing back their origin. The first extract indicates that languages are related in various ways in the sense that they may sometimes use similar sounds or even words. This relationship results from the fact that these languages share a common ancestor language and belong to the same group. For example, in A, there is a close similarity between French and Romanian because both languages belong to the Latin group. In the same way, English and German are also related and have some similar sounds because they both belong to the Germanic group. Moreover, the same connection is observed between Arabic and Hebrew that even have some common words, and there is also a similarity between Chinese and Thai. The similarity between these languages stems from some common cultural practices noticed in their people. Brown states: “Language and culture are intricately interwoven so that one cannot separate the two without losing the significance of either language or culture” (165). Language is the vehicle of culture, so people with similar cultures may speak similar languages. Therefore, English and Germans, Chinese and Thai, and Arabs and Hebrews are neighbors, so it is normal for them to have similar cultures and languages.

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English in the Community.
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Chinese is the most spoken language in the world because of the large population of China. however, English is the most widespread language because it is spoken in many different countries around the world. Almost all Chinese speakers are from China, so the first place is mainly due to demographic reasons. Nevertheless, English is not only spoken in countries whose native language is English but also in others where English is used as a second language or foreign&nbsp.language.&nbsp.

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