English literature (poatcolonalism: region-nation)

It may relate to philosophy, movies, politics or pure literature like novels, poetry anthologies, drama etc. Human feelings, sufferings and achievements find expression in various forms. Initially in most of the colonized territories, people from Western countries arrive as traders. When they see the opportunity, they dabble in local politics, pitting one group vs. another, one religious vs. another, one clan vs. another, and ultimately they overthrow all political opponents to establish their own rule. Once on the seat of power, they pursue the policy of divide and rule and their authority takes deep roots. Every colonized country can boast of sterling authors, who have done splendid, historical job of producing novels that depict the process of colonization, how the gullible and simple native folks are economically and socially subjugated. Force is applied, not as an exception, but as a rule for running the administration and for seeking fresh territorial gains. To know what happens in Africa, read the novel from Chinua Achebe, a Nigerian novelist, “Things Fall Apart.” This literary work is just an example. There are hundreds of authors from each country, who expose the evil machinations of the rulers in the heydays of colonialism.

Once the colonized courtiers achieve independence, they face fresh challenge in the areas of politics, economics and literature. The impact of the culture and many unsaid issues is so deep on the colonized countries that they have to take a fresh stock about their cultural identity. “Post colonialism may bring new possibilities, but…it is not free from problems of its own”, (p.34) asserts McLead. Even after they left the territory legally, the former colonizers try to work through power pressure and exploitation through trade.

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 English literature (poatcolonalism: region-nation)
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