Enterprise management

Selling the vehicle themselves presents numerous challenges, ones that most people may not know how to overcome. Challenges such as:

Facing these challenges often creates an atmosphere of apprehension and uncertainty. Developing an online community that permits the open exchange of information between the seller, buyer, and professional benefits the entire industry. and the prospect of doing so in the way proposed by CarSell offers significant profit potential for the company.

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 Enterprise management
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Once the CarSell model is fully executed, all parties associated with the online community will be more efficiently and effectively served. It is now, when the online car sales industry needs a different model, that investors should take advantage of this opportunity by funding the development of CarSell and its unique approach to online community marketing.

CarSell is designing its unique web platform and, upon funding, will implement the model. Management is confident that the company can garner higher success rates because of its online community presentation in a Web 2.0 environment. What management will accomplish is revolutionary. Unlike other online sources, CarSell is making itself a true “one-stop-shop” for vehicle purchases. from selection, inspection, and information to financing, warranties, and deliveries. Community members don’t have to go anywhere else to find, buy, and protect their vehicles.

There are multiple avenues of marketing CarSell. Some aspects of the plan are not discussed in detail herein, as they are contemplated to be employed in subsequent years. These methods include radio, television, and traditional print advertising. What follows is a description of each component of the marketing strategy.

Management has determined that direct marketing will be the most effective initial approach to successfully accomplishing CarSell’s growth targets. Point-to-point direct sales and solicitations will be the first line of promotion as management seeks to 

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