Entrpreneurs ( management 

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. For this purpose, I have come up with a new business idea of MOTOTAXI service that aims to target people who prefer convenient, efficient & effective means of transportation that not only take them to their destinations but also saves their time, money and headache of driving or waiting for public transport such as underground railway system, taxis, rickshaws and cabs.

Mototaxi is a simple motor cycle branded as a taxi. It is made for one passenger only (either man or a woman) and it mainly targets middle class and lower middle office going employees, sole proprietors, doctors, lawyers, teachers, students and individuals etc aged between 16-45 years. The reason for choosing this market segment is because of the fact that they like to save money, are interested to reach their destinations in time, prefer secure, convenient and quality transport accessible at any point and any location with less of a hassle. Almost 50 moto taxis of cost 2,500$ will be introduced in the initial stage of this business venture that will be increased gradually after analyzing the customer response and growth opportunities in the market.

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Entrpreneurs ( management 
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First, we will use a Fleet Management System to keep track of all the MotoTaxis across the city areas. This system will enable the company to run all its business operations such as number of available orders from our clients, the number of available drivers and their bio data, arrivals and departures of taxis and others.

The second type of technology that we are planning is to use radio so that all the moto taxi drivers will remain connected (with each other) with our 24 hour call center at all times. This would enable the company to ensure transport services to the clients in areas where we are not operational but where a moto taxi can pick the customer from the nearest spot.

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