Environmental Policies in the United Kingdom

Even at the highest levels, the government is now committed to developing policies on protecting the environment as well as sustaining it. This essay will discuss these policies: how they develop and their impact on the protection of the environment.

The legal framework in the United Kingdom is largely based on the European Union policies on environmental protection. These policies are then domesticated through the parliamentary process, and thus become national laws of the United Kingdom (Scotford & Robinson 2013). Each area of the environment is distinct, and there are thus different laws.

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Environmental Policies in the United Kingdom
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The policies on environmental issues act as a supplement to the legislation. These policies sometimes contain substantive obligations in them and can legally constitute subjects of environmental protection. Because of the devolution policy in the United Kingdom, matters of environmental conservation are dealt with by the devolved administrations. Therefore, we cannot say that there is single legislation or policy to govern environmental matters in the UK (Scotford & Oliver 2013)

The most significant legislation that made great strides in the environmental policy is the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This Act combined the various statutes on environmental protection into one Act. This Act also made changes in the institutions that cater to environmental matters. Controlling the pollution, introduced measures aimed towards preventing harm in the environment and not just limiting the amount of damage to the environment. There have been various reforms to this Act in its various parts. Some parts have been repealed, and others removed. For example, part 1 and various sections of part 2 were repealed in 1999 and 2010 by the Pollution Control and Prevention Act 1999, and Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010.

The environmental quality standards have also been adopted in legislation.&nbsp.

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