Environmental Public Health (SLP). 

The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. HEALTH CAMPAIGN AND INITIATIVES Different ways of supporting health campaign initiatives. (a) One of the ways of assisting in a campaign with a similar health agenda is through taking part in the voting process in support of the candidates with similar agenda. The voting process is very critical for every agenda to be passed or to be realized. The fact that every vote counts mean that each individual must take voting seriously. It begins by accurate identification of those candidates with similar health agenda so that when they win, they will implement such policies.

(b) The second way is through talking to the candidates about the various issues that they seek to address. This can be achieved by attending seminars and conferences in which the candidates are airing their issues, sending them questions that they need to address, engaging them when they make home visits or other public places such as supermarkets and recreation centers.

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Environmental Public Health (SLP). 
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(c) Another step is to share the message by spreading it to other people such as close friends, neighbors, and family members. The message includes the issues that are to be addressed by the candidate of your choice so that they may consider voting for such candidates. The message can be conveyed through wearing buttons bearing the name of the candidate.

(d) One need to volunteer their time to demonstrate their support for the candidate who addresses their issues. Volunteers can take part in spreading the fliers, making phone calls and placing lawn signs for free.

(e) Support extends to financial support which can be done by writing cheques or offering cash to support the candidate. This is because campaign is a very expensive exercise and requires a lot of money to undertake.

2. Responsibility(s) and Competency(s) of a Health Education Specialist

(a) Assess Individual and Community Needs for Health Education

(b) Plan Health Education

(c) Implement Health Education

(d) Conduct Evaluation and Research Related to Health Education

(e) Serve as a Health Education Resource Person

My choice is based on the assessing of individual and community needs for health education as this will lead to the creation of a healthy community.


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