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In the Prologue to The Shallows, Carr lays out the theoretical framework for his book: we are all of us affected not just by the content of our media (the ideas, for instance, one ascertains while reading something online), but my the medium’s biases (the invisible ways, for instance, that online line interaction “influences the way we think and act.”

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Essay | English homework help
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In chapter five, which you should be reading this week, Carr offers an account of what happens when our reading moves off the page and onto the screen. Jackson Bliss, you might say, does something similar in his article “How the Internet Changed the Way We Read”–except that his account is a bit broader.

So you’ve read a theory and two accounts that could conceivably be thought of as applications of that theory. In an essay of 3-5 pages, double spaced in size 12 font with regular margins and etc., I’d like you to decide whether you think Carr’s and Bliss’s applications stand as evidence in favor of the theory or not, and how you know one way or the other. Your essay should quote from both sources, but you don’t need to use a documentation method (APA or MLA); we’ll learn that in a few weeks.

The redings could be found below:

(Only The Prologue and Chapter 5)

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