Essay yosso’s critical race counterstories


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Essay yosso’s critical race counterstories
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Consider Tara Yosso’s Critical Race Counterstories along the Chicana/Chicano Educational Pipeline. Opponents of CRT note that its beliefs are, of course, untestable, and as such, one has no choice but to accept or reject CRT outright, not based on empirical, rational reflection, but on one’s emotional reaction to the fictional, highly subjective “evidence” that is the basis on which all CRT claims are supported: the counterstory; moreover, such critics contend that CRT, rather than promoting positive change, reinforces racial and ethnic stereotypes by rejecting logical thought in favor of anecdotal evidence. How do you respond to these criticisms? Is CRT invalid because its tenets are largely untestable? Explain.

Additionally, your essay should include a critical analysis of the film we watched in class, Freedom Writers, through the theoretical lens of CRT. One way to integrate the film into your essay is to use it to test the validity of CRT.

tl;dr Is it okay that Yosso uses stories rather than empirical evidence to prove her points?



· 5 page minimum

· Meaningful critique of Freedom Writers film

· Close analysis of cited evidence (both primary and secondary)

· MLA style throughout, including a Works Cited page

· Avoid five paragraph essays

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