Ethical and Legal Considerations of Group Therapy.

The work is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. According to existing research, intoxication due to drug abuse impairs the judgment thus drug abusers are at risk of engaging in commercial sex, contaminated needle sharing and risky sexual encounters thus increasing the likelihood of HIV infection (Brabender, Smolar & Fallon, 2004). It is estimated that 10 percent of the global HIV new infections occur due to sharing needles during substance abuse or engaging in risky sexual behaviors (Brabender, Smolar & Fallon, 2004). Sharing the needles and other injection pieces of equipment are twice likely to transmit HIV virus than normal sexual intercourse. For instance, Hepatitis C virus which one of the leading a cause of liver cancer is highly prevalent among the drug abusers sharing contaminated needs and usually co-occurs with HIV infection. The group therapy I will provide will include African-American men aged between 20 to 35 years who abuse drugs and frequently share needles with their peers (Brabender, Smolar & Fallon, 2004).

The role of group therapist should be to facilitate the interactions between the group members. The therapist should encourage clients to achieve their personal goals. The group therapist is usually bound by many ethical and legal considerations. Some of the ethical issues that may arise include the issue of informed consent to the therapy while legal issues include personal confidentiality and privacy (Brabender, Smolar & Fallon, 2004).

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 Ethical and Legal Considerations of Group Therapy.
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One of the ethical considerations is the informed consent of the members. The group therapist should not force clients to participate in the counseling without obtaining their free consent. The group therapist should value the equality and esteem of the members by observing their human dignity and welfare issues in counseling. The informed consent of the members requires the therapist to discuss the potential risks and benefits of therapy and all other possible therapy or treatment&nbsp.options before starting the therapy.&nbsp.

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