Ethical Dilemmas in Counseling

Ethical Dilemmas in Counseling. According to Hervey (2007), this first stage states that you must first understand that there is an ethical dilemma (Hervey, 2007, p. 101). She suggests that we feel these situations in our bodies first which is the result of a change it the body. According to this stage when I first thought about giving gifts to my clients I feel like it was wrong. I felt agitation, some tightness in my chest and I began to sweat. My hands were very sweaty as I thought about what I was doing. Although giving gifts is a natural thing for me to do when it came to my client I was hesitant because of what I have been taught in my art therapy education. I was unsure of myself because I did not know whether my client would accept the gift or whether it was right to give it to her. I was not sure whether it was the right thing to do.

I considered that there were basically two options: I could either give my client a gift or I could not give her a gift. I explored these two options. In giving the gift I would satisfy my need to give the client a gift for a job well done. I would feel good about doing this and I would know that I did something I considered to be a good thing. I also thought about the fact that the client might misinterpret my gift. As an example, I had one client who I had given a gift at the end of her therapy want to come and visit me without an appointment. This was fine with me and I allowed this for a period of time until a student told me “you should adopt her.” I began to wonder whether I had overstepped my boundaries with this client and I was not sure what I should do next. Hervey suggests that we must weigh our options in this phase and that we should do something outside of what we normally would do in thinking about decisions (Hervey, p. 103). This was a time for me to draw out the situation to examine it from a different perspective than my own.

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