Ethical Marketing issues by Trump on Aberdeen Wind Farm. 

The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. It is evidently clear from the discussion that the Aberdeen Wind farm has resulted in ethical and legal battles between the Scottish government and entrepreneur, Donald Trump who believes the construction of the wind farm will result in an ugly sore adjacent to his greatest golf course. According to Trump, building his $ 1 billion golf course in Aberdeenshire was because he was informed that the wind farm project would not continue. However, “former and current first ministers, Jack McConnel and Alex Salmond” denied that they agreed to have the project stopped owing to the plans for the building of the golf resort by Trump. The current minister says Trump wanted the current government to be held accountable for the promises of the previous government, which he believes is not possible and resulted in a court battle filed by Trump’s legal team. In a bid to halt&nbsp.the development of the wind farm, Trump appeared before the Scottish Parliament’s committee on economy, energy, and tourism and he said the wind farm was the most serious problem facing Scotland. From the research, the aim of the wind farm includes the creation of 28,000 jobs, generation of 100 MW of electricity that would supply power to half of Aberdeen city, and act as a pilot project for the aims of turning the country into Europe’s green energy. The Scottish government approved the development of the wind farm resulting in Trump taking to the courts to challenge the project to which he subsequently lost despite the use of misleading campaigns and threats about the fall of the Scottish economy. He also made use of his celebrity status through different media channels and campaigns to influence the court decision, but he was not successful.

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 Ethical Marketing issues by Trump on Aberdeen Wind Farm. 
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