Ethics Terminology, Assignment

 Ethics. Assignment Ethics Terminology Conflict of interest: It describes a situation of a person or a corporation where personal interests compete with professional values and responsibilities. For example, a human resource officer responsible for recruitment hires a person because of his friendship with him.

Corporate accountability: It refers to the responsibility of an organization towards its stakeholders, which include shareholders, customers, employees, etc. For example, it is the corporate responsibility of a company to provide quality customer support even after the sale has taken place.

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Ethics Terminology, Assignment
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Corporate culture: It is the mixture of beliefs and values of an organization which gives rise to a unique professional atmosphere. A company which allows freedom to choose working hours can be said to have a positive corporate culture.

Fraud: It is the act of cheating for the sake of monetary gain. For example, a manager is indulged in fraud if he ‘runs’ off with the investor’s money.

Whistleblower: A person who exposes wrongdoings within an organization to the public or to a higher authority with the aim of stopping it. Whistle blowers yearn to uncover illegal activities like ‘wiki leaks’ owner has acted as a whistleblower for the US army.

Transparency: The term applies to openness and truthfulness of a business in its communication and dealings. A company or a business follows transparency if they make their end-year financial statements without hiding any facts.

Kickback: Giving money or something of value to a person to garner a favorable decision. A food company may pay a large sum of money to a person from the government quality department who will aid in providing the company with certification despite its using unethical ways of manufacturing.

Assignment 2:


Chantale is faced with the dilemma of either keeping quiet to keep her job or speak out about the unethical practice. She should first make sure that she is not over reacting to the situation. She should do a research by talking to people from medical field about dangers of such little quantities of waste. If she is convinced that the company is indeed following unethical practices, she should talk to her seniors and try to convince them against it. If the move fails, she should tell his friend about it who can bring this issue into light through his newspaper.


Loyalty of an employee is all about working diligently for the betterment of the company but that does not imply that a person will stand by the company even if it employs unethical practices.


Yes I think it would make a difference. Chantale is a person who seems to care a lot about public interests. With a position of greater authority, she would certainly have made every effort to put an end to such activity.


It would have helped Chantale in deciding whether this action was putting anyone in danger. Toxicities are present in everything around us but they only pose a danger if they are above certain levels. Having knowledge about these levels and the type of waste that is being dumped would certainly have helped her decide whether to pursue the matter further or not.

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