The researchers’ decision to use observational and qualitative research method directly addressed the research questions such that research interview is the best choice to determine what care is like from the patients’ point-of-view whereas observational method is the best choice in determining how a patient receives assistance from the unit staff aside from determining the nurses’ perception about the patient satisfaction and quality of care and how care on the unit was organized, pure observation method was used in the study.

Upon going through how the researchers conducted the ethnographic study in evaluating the patient satisfaction with the quality of care they received from the health care professionals, readers are expected to have a better understanding about the factors that could significantly affect the quality of care each patient is receiving in the surgical-medical unit.

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Ethnography is a common research strategy used in the study of social sciences like description of individual cultures (, 2010). By conducting participant observation, research interviews, distribution of research survey questionnaires, and the collection of supplementary data like photographs, measurements, and patient records, this particular research strategy gathers empirical data regarding the nature and issues about the history of human culture and societies in writing (Maynard & Purvis, 1994, p. 76). In terms of biological sciences, the use of ethnography is similar to a case report or field study except that the study focuses on the patterns of thoughts and behavior of the research participants (Berwick, 2004. Boaz & Wolfe, 1997, p. 150).

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