Evaluating Fashion and its Impact on Individuals.

 People communicate with what they wear because in all cultures there exist certain conventions and to make concrete identities among people, garments are used as the primary sources of identity (Kratz and Reimer as cited in Berger, p. 193).

Dress worn as a part of fashion is material is representative of personal values and has a close relationship with the self-perception of the individual. The fashion pursued by an individual is a reflection of the self and has a specific role to play in the development and construction of the character of the individual. The body of an individual is a tangible asset and visible outer limit of the self but along with this it also has to operate collectively for building interaction between a person’s actions and external environment, i.e. society.

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 Evaluating Fashion and its Impact on Individuals.
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Social identities have now become uncertain in every day’s life. People keep on presenting themselves to others through all sort of interactions they make, the way one speaks or presents himself to others in the world.

With the help of fashion and clothes, people not only make their identities in the social circle but also communicate their ideas. Clothes are used as a source of communication and for expressing one’s feelings too (Kratz and Reimer as cited in Berger, p. 197).

“Fashion (is) a key resource through which individuals in late modernity construct their identities and position themselves in relation to others’’ (Bennett, 2005, p. 115). This statement that has been given by the author “Andy Bennett” is highly relevant in the present scenario. Fashion has been used as the resource by the individual for the purpose of the construction of their identity and positioning themselves at a higher place in comparison to others. Fashion has an important role to play in the articulation of ethnic identity in relation to the contemporary setting in routine life. Ethnic identity is just like other types of social identity.

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