Events management: touring & venues.

Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses events management: touring & venues. In terms of exhibitions that are being held in the country, declines have been predicted, but the conferences, incentives, and meetings seem to be quite positive. Based on a statement by Paul Thandi, who is an NEC Group chief executive, huge investments are required in order to set up an event. For instance, he has said that £166 million in event facilities (Francisco, 2009). Clearly, this shows that the events sector of the tourism industry means big business and is one that is obviously not easy to plan, organize and manage. In this paper, the researcher would like to discuss the various factors that have to be carefully considered when it comes to organizing and planning such a multi-event tour that is based in the country.

Events in the tourism industry often mean MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions), and this is a sector that usually involves large groups of individuals who have all planned their trip in advance, and have a reason for going to a particular destination. Meetings, the first component of the acronym, refers to the gathering of a number of people in a certain venue, where they can participate in a conference or carry out a particular activity. There may be a set pattern for such meetings, which means that they may either be schedules or may be on an ad hoc basis. Incentive tourism, which is the second component of the acronym, refers to travel rewards provided by companies to employees as a result of work that has been done well, or goals that have been achieved. This type of tourism is one that is may have a business or educational purpose behind it, but for the most part, it is one that is mainly for leisure or entertainment purposes. Conferences, the third component of the acronym is similar to meetings, but such a meeting is normally smaller in terms of the number of participants.

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