Examples of Oganizational Change 

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Examples of Oganizational Change (. Social Media and Organization Change Introduction This paper is aimed to analyze the video produced by Erik Qualman which is based on the book named Socialnomics. The video has been retrieved from Youtube and it is named as Social Media Revolution. In the context of this video, this paper describes the organizational change in Samsung and it also describes the benefits which have been enjoyed by its customers, investors and employees.

Social Media Revolution

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Examples of Oganizational Change 
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In the contemporary world, social media has dominated every single aspect of life to a significant level. From business to news and from advertisement to organizational culture, every aspect of human life has become associated with social media to an immensely elevated level. It can be said that social media has become the most appropriate tool to become successful for any organization (Socialnomics ).

Organizational Change in Samsung

Samsung has become the number one smart phones selling brand in the world but the point of inquiry is how? The answer to this question is hidden in the organizational change which has been adopted by this organization in accordance with the contemporary world of technology and social media. The focus on human resource and technology along with the incorporation of social media has helped Samsung to acquire such position (Weiss).


The adoption of contemporarily dominating forces like innovation and social media has played a sufficient role to lead Samsung towards its success. It did not only help Samsung to become number one but has also worked as the motivational force for its employees. Marketing via social media and apps relating to social media by Google has also assisted investors of Samsung to make most of the profit out of their investments. Along with the consumers who are provided with what they desire to have in the form of Samsung smart phones equipped with every contemporary technology and social media (Weiss).


The organizational change is a positive inscription if it concords with the contemporarily dominating forces like social media and technology.

Work Cited

Social Media Revolution. Dir. Erik Qualman. Socialnomics . 2009.

Weiss, J.W. Organizational Change. San Diego: Bridgepoint, 2012. Print.

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