Exercising facilities at the workplace.

 This is more than a third of the population and excludes children and teens. The report further states that in 2008 alone, $147 billion was spent on obesity-related health complications and that obese people were spending at least $1400 more on medication than their normal counterparts.

As highlighted by the above statistics, many Americans are not exercising as they should. They are leading unhealthy lives and exposing themselves to obesity-related health risks such as cancer, heart diseases, and type 2 diabetes. I formulated this research to investigate the advantages of setting up exercise facilities at workplaces and also to come up with ways of encouraging people to regularly visit them. This will reduce the obesity rate in the country and the health risks associated with it.

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Exercising facilities at the workplace.
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I recently witnessed two colleagues discussing a move by their company management to set up a physical fitness facility at the company’s premises to encourage workers to live healthy lifestyles. I was struck most by the agility and enthusiasm that the two exuberated as they discussed the matter. Prior to this incident, I had never envisioned a gym within a working premise.

Fitness sections should be constructed in every workplace as a way to encourage people to exercise regularly. The management will, therefore, be forced to allow workers to exercise during working days since most of them will be unwilling to show up at work during the weekends. However, the sessions will only be possible during off-peak hours such as lunch breaks and in the evenings when everyone is breaking for home.

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