Exploring a Communicative Event in Saudi Lingua Culture

Provide a 9 pages analysis while answering the following question: Exploring a Communicative Event in Saudi Lingua Culture. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In teaching aid, communication is necessary particularly when teaching people of different native languages. Event can appear in many forms. For example, real events demonstrated when a message passes through electronic media such as films or media houses. There is a set of theories analyzing communication events exist. The most essential method of communication is conversation. Human beings, therefore, communicate to share information and expand their social relationships (Seindlhofer, 2005, p.54). Most of the influential and active discussions take place through conversations. Simple talks both official and non-official and education related take place through chatting. If a CE involves two parties not knowing each other, that is strangers, there is no engagement (Seindlhofer, 2005, p.54). The success of any communication depends on understanding between the parties involved. Understanding of each other leads to an interaction between the involved parties. This essay focuses on English language as a communication tool. CE refers to “An exchange with obvious boundaries in a typically-occurring situation, where the participants have a clear role relationship” (Saville-Troike, 1989, p.107). For a language teacher to succeed, he needs be careful with the way he delivers information to his students. Successful teachers recommend thorough observations of local speakers because they engage in varying CE in order to understand each other (Saville-Troike, 1989, p.107). The teacher should have the ability to give CE models after first learning the native speakers’ language (Saville-Troike, 1989, p.107). For effective language teaching, the teacher needs to have the skill to know and speak other languages. Lingua franca as a language This refers to a communication tool used by a group of people from different native origins to communicate. Lingua Francas form the third mode of communication language from the original languages of the communicating sides (Helena, 2011). Studies show that a lingua franca language may turn to be the common language if it widely spreads in an area. A good example of a lingua franca language is pidgin. Pidgin combines different vocabularies of native languages (Helena, 2011). The only distinction between lingua franca and pidgin is that members of the same native language do not speak pidgin but instead speak their native language. Pidgin does not have any original speakers. Modern Lingua Francas In the current society, global communication has succeeded due to development of lingua francas. There are a number of recognized communication languages in different regions. For example, the official languages recognized by United Nations (UN) include Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish and French. (Fernandez-Cardenas & Silveyra-De La Garza, 2010). This shows how lingua franca languages have developed to international recognition. Several developments of pidgin are evident as regular contacts between different people broaden. However, most of the pidgins lack verbs, articles and nouns, their use has spread since they encourage communication between parties. Components of Communication Event (CE) In order to further, explore communication events, Saville-Troike 1989, p. 107 explained the components of CE. Some of these components include the event type, the setting and purpose of the events. Other components are function setting of different happenings, appearance and key participants. Manner in this case refers to message form and content.

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Exploring a Communicative Event in Saudi Lingua Culture
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