Fairness and Unfairness.

 In my view, employees will offer fair services if they feel that the organization they work for is fair to them. Therefore, before an organization can have quality service recovery, the organization must first address any injustices that their employees are experiencing. If a company attempts to conduct a service recovery process while the employees are still aggrieved of injustices in the organization, then the exercise will fail. This is because the employees will not be motivated to implement the laid down service recovery strategies.

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 Fairness and Unfairness.
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Decisions by human resource management on rewards, appraisal, and hiring require distributive justice to ensure fairness to all employees (Greenberg 606). He explores the theory of equitability and its effect on distributive justice. Greenberg incorporates workspace elements in his research on equity theory. It is an area that is rarely explored in equity theory discussions and research.

His research on equity theory prediction had three key findings. The first finding was that status symbols are a major component of equity theory. The research found that the physical workspace, even without any monetary rewards, can affect the equity perception of employees. The second finding of the research was that employees’ response to inequity is directly in proportion to inequality (Greenberg 607). Lastly, the research found that overpayment inequity would most likely bring about decreased work performance levels as compare to underpayment inequity.

People who are related to the management in the workplace may receive high salaries as compared to their peers. In addition, there those who are more qualified in the workplace may feel that these individuals are overpaid. Therefore, if the most qualified people in the organization become demoralized they are not motivated to provide quality services.

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