Family Resources Affiliation Family Resources

Family Resources Affiliation Family Resources The lesson of family resources is my topic of interest as it has taught me many things concerning my family and others peoples’ families as far as resources are concerned. Family resources determine the poverty status especially in the US. The value of money and its benefits such as buying family necessities, paying bills, school fees, and medical expenses constitutes family resources. In some cases, children and youths engage in childcare and housework activities as their parents work to sustain the family.

The concept of family resources is not new to as my life experience made me discover that for a family to live happily, it must cater for many necessities such as food, clothing, health, and education. All these require resources, which are mostly in monetary terms. Families that have scarce resources cannot give their meet their daily expenses and their children may not get the quality education. With limited resources, life is difficult, and a family will live in poverty (De Vaus & Qu, 1998).

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Family Resources Affiliation Family Resources
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The lesson on family resources is very important to me having come from a middle-income family. Our parents can meet most of our needs and give us quality education. We do not need to ask for external assistance for our basic needs including healthcare as my parents could offer them. Since the two are all working, their combined income helps a lot as they can provide a good shelter, quality food, and other basic commodities. They also take us for outings occasionally, which is quite fascinating. Although my parents are not very rich, they try all their best to provide a comfortable life for my sibling and me. One thing that makes the subtopic on family resources interesting to me is the current situation in America where income inequality is posing a challenge to the government and the society. There is a wide gap between the rich and the poor such that the ones living below the poverty line cannot afford the most basic commodities such as food.

Parents are now taking extra chores after work in various fields such as teaching, housekeeping, and childcare to increase their earnings living their children unattended in the house. I consider myself lucky to have parents who can sustain our needs with their income and still have time to stay around with us in the house. However, I do not feel that the topic was relevant for our class grade and should be taught earlier in life to make children understand their backgrounds when they are quite young. Understanding matters to do with family income for young children will help them work harder in their lower classes to achieve good grades. The grades will enable them get admission to a good high school and later a good university or college. Quality education ensures entry into high-paying jobs with high incomes for the candidate.

The lesson taught me many things concerning life and its challenges as individuals try to sustain themselves and raise their families. Families with enough resources will live a quality life and give their children quality education and health services. Many families struggle day and night as they try to survive the hard economic times with their limited resources. The lesson on family resources will assist me in planning my future as I have decided to work very hard and join a university to pursue my dream career.


De Vaus, D., & Qu, L. (1998). Intergenerational transfers across the life course. Family Matters, 50, 27-30.

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