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 Traditional methods of teaching and assessment are increasingly being questioned in the light of self efficacy – a factor that has not been taken into consideration previously in assessing learning outcomes but which is becoming more and more relevant in today’s educational context. According to Fullan (2001), “leading in a culture of change is about unlocking the mysteries of living organizations.” On this basis old and established systems of education are increasingly being found in need of reform. Structural reforms have been mooted in the educational system, in order to bring about changes in teaching and learning practices (Cohen, 1995).

The E 2020 computer program has been designed for the use of special education students in high school. It consists of computerized lessons and tests and each student works individually on these programs. The use of technology as an aid to learning, especially for high school, career oriented students has been shown to result in positive payoffs in terms of enhancing student achievement at several high schools.(Readers Digest 2002). The use of computers enables students to take responsibility for their own learning and thereby enhances their self efficacy, producing better results in terms of achievement.

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These aspects must be taken into consideration by teachers in order to enhance self efficacy of students and maximize the potentially beneficial effects of using the E 2020 computer program to enhance student achievement.

The first aspect identifies the importance of addressing the concerns of the minorities within a majority setting in order to ensure that they are able to develop self efficacy. This would require that differences need to be accounted for and addressed.

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