Female Education in Liberia.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Female Education in Liberia. The population suffered greatly from the unrest, women and girls must have found it most difficult having to undergo the worst of man’s unethical behavior – rape. Today, sexual violence remains prevalent in the country according to Ackerman (2007).

As a direct consequence of Liberia’s instability, many teenage girls and young women are not educated. Statistics show that 60% of Liberian women cannot read (Ackerman, 2007). Several reasons have led to this state of affairs in the country. In many schools, there are no proper washrooms, and girls either have to share such facilities with boys, use open fields, or coed bathrooms that are devoid of privacy. This one reason has led many a girl to avoid schooling. In some cases, taking a break to the toilet would end up being a chance for wicked men to engage the young girls in sexual violence and rape. For this reason, many parents prefer to stay with their girl children at home just in case they get attacked while away at school. Closely related to this is the issue of early pregnancy that forces young girls to drop out of school often against their wishes as noted by Allen (2010).

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Another factor that has led girls to remain uneducated is poverty. With most of the general population earning less than $1.25 a day, it is no secret that many families cannot afford to keep their children in school. Instead, the children remain at home helping their parents in the farms or in performing household tasks (Ackerman, 2007). Indeed, many mothers expect that their young girls should perform all household duties before they can go to school. This is a factor that is closely linked to the cultural beliefs of the population that the woman’s place is at home, in the kitchen. Apart from working in the kitchen, girls are expected to clean, sell water and food along the streets.

One other reason behind the high illiteracy levels for girls is the issue of early marriage

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