Financial accounting: funding methods

 funding methods Thank you in advance for the help! Barclay PLC has two main business clusters. Firstly it deals with global retail banking and secondly, it deals with Investment Banking and wealth management. Both these businesses and brands are world renowned and have made a major impact across the world in the banking sector. The company also has two major areas of business. These are divided into Group center and Absa. The company has been established over 300 years ago and has grown to become a major company with a wide range of products and services to be offered to meet the needs and requirements of all the customers across the world (Gillespie, Lewis and Hamilton, 1997). The company also provides a committed and ensures sustainability of the communities in all markets that it operates in. The company also aims and tries to secure sustainable relationships with the customers and clients across the world. The bank also aims at having a successful relationship with the shareholders and in the words of the chairman, Marcus Agius, ‘It is very important to us to have good relationships with all of our shareholders, and we are keen to encourage your interest in the development of Barclays’ (Barclays, 2009). The table below provides a clear view of the financial details of the company and presents the trend over the past three years. Barclays has a strong capital structure and the company has been able to keep the borrowings low and the net debt at an overall low. The company has a long term debt to capital ratio which totals to almost 0.45. The company also has a total debt-equity ratio of 0.81. The company’s average of five years of debt ratio has been totaled to almost 2.17. The company’s return on invested capital is has been a total of 6.6% in terms of the year 2008 and an average of 5.8% over the past five years. Barclays has a clearly strong capital structure as the company has been able to very effectively allocate the capital under its control and into the most profitable investments. The return on the investments is better the higher the level it is.&nbsp.

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Financial accounting: funding methods
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