Financial Reports

 Financial Reports Summary of From the Abbott Laboratories’ annual report, its two most important operating segments were Pharmaceuticals and Nutritional as they accounted for 61% and 17% of the revenue respectively. The Pharmaceuticals and Vascular segments recorded the largest growth in revenue i.e. 21% and 19% increases respectively. The Pharmaceutical and Vascular segments were the most profitable recording a 37% and 28% profit margin respectively.

In 2010, the Coca-Cola Company’s most important operating segments were North America and Bottling segments as they accounted for 32% and 23% of total revenue respectively. North America and Eurasia/Africa segments accounted for the highest revenue growth registering increases of 36% and 23% respectively. The two leading segments in profit margins were Europe and Latin America with 67% and 62% profit margins respectively.

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Financial Reports
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In 2010, the most important segments for GE were Technology Infrastructure and GE capital as they accounted for 26% and 31% of the total revenue respectively. NBC universal and Home & Business solutions recorded the highest revenue growth of 9% and 2% increases respectively. Energy infrastructure and Technology Infrastructure were the most profitable segments recording 20% and 17% profit margins respectively.

In 2010, the two most important segments for Oxford Industries were Tommy Bahama and Lanier Clothes as they accounted for 66% and 17% of the total revenue. Tommy Bahama and Corporate/Other segments had the highest changes increase in revenue with growths of 10% and 64% respectively. Tommy Bahama and Lanier Clothes were the most profitable segments with 13% and 14% profit margins.


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