Fleet Planning of the New American Airways.

Fleet Planning of the New American Airways. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. It is imperative to note that the long- haul journey of fleet replacement by the New American Airways started back in 2009 when the company ordered 84 next-generation Boeing 737-800s. Moreover, it ordered 35 Airbus A320 family aircraft from the longtime Boeing customer, which were to be delivered in 2011. The fleet replacement was intended to reduce the use of the MD80 aircraft, which were expensive in fuel consumption. This study establishes that the new fleet replacement from the Boeing added up 35% reduction in fuel consumption on a seat mile.

It is noteworthy that, the Boeing 737-800s is the epicenter of the airline’s long-haul fleet. it has nearly 100 examples in service (New American Airways, 2009). The magnitude of operations makes American Airways the leading operator in the world. Although the American airways operate a large Boeing fleet, it operates aircraft from other manufacturers. The following analysis indicates the British American Airways fleet in 2011 (British American Airways, 2012).

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Fleet Planning of the New American Airways.
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Look at the forecasts on the Boeing and Airbus web sites and any other sources you think useful. Interpolate the forecasts, as necessary, for the years to 2016 and adjust them by your own calculations and judgment. Explain why you have chosen the growth rates you use.

The Market for Large Commercial Jet Transports released by the Forecast International projects that 14,655 large commercial airliners will be produced in the 10-year within the period from 2012 to 2021 (Ottaway, Susan & Ian, 2007). The market research based at Connecticut approximates the value of this fabrication at $2.04 trillion in constant 2012 U.S. dollars.

It is notable that, the two leading manufacturers in the market, Airbus and Boeing, are implementing production increases. They are taking into consideration ancillary increases for the future.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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