Food Insecurity in Developing World.

Despite the fact that food insecurity might affect everyone in a household or community, it does not imply that everybody will be affected in the same manner and to the same extent.

Food security can be graded between high food security to high food security. The measurement of food security and insecurity can be said to be measurable in four ranges. The first range is high food security. A household can be said to have high food security if they have no anxieties or problems that relate to access to adequate food. The second range is the marginal food security. Under this range, it can be said that households might face some anxieties or problems associating to access to adequate food, but none of the problems or anxieties are ever big enough to be of substantial influence on the quality and quantity of the food intake of the households. The third range is low food security. Under this range, households go through problems and anxieties relating to access to adequate food that result in the reduction of the variety, quality, and desirability of the diets. However, under this range, the quantity and patterns of food intake are usually not affected. The final range is very low food security. Under this range, the households might experience changes in eating patterns and quantities especially at some during the years. Very low food security is usually caused by the inability of the households to either access or afford adequate food.

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Food Insecurity in Developing World.
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In developing countries, there are a number of factors that are believed to lead to food insecurity. One of the most common causes of food insecurity in the developing world is drought. When there is an occurrence of a drought people are not always able to get the harvests that they initially target. As a result of such failures, households are never able to have a sufficient supply of food as they would have in case the harvest was a good one. What makes matters worse.

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