Fundamentals of the Latin Dance.

I will pay for the following article Fundamentals of the Latin Dance. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. It is evidently clear from the discussion that the dance contains the history of ancient native cultures of the inhabitants as well as the history of oppression and conquest of these countries. Salsa and rumba dance are mediums of communication. They revolve around celebrations, religion, sacrifices, and offerings to the gods. Important occasions could not take place without a dance. The dance can unite diverse groups, promote social change, and break various barriers. In discussing, the salsa and rumba dance styles, their communication goals and other purposes will be discussed. The Mexican salsa and rumba dances have common factors that integrate to pass similar messages to the audience. Mexican rumba dance origin, evolution, and popularity are linked to the early and present social movements. It incorporates various African elements as it is one of the favorite’s African diaspora. Rumba promotes the expression and identification of elements derived from Africans that are common in Mexican’s culture. The regime of Fidel Castro used rumba dance to embody, define and display the image of international and national identity. Cuba, therefore, uses the dance as a physical language to express a formal message of racial and social equality. Rumba developed, as a result, of the social circumstances surrounding Havana city and the neighboring provinces of Matanzas and Havana. The urban setting had a mixture of various people such as the colonists, slaves, mulattos, and the free blacks. The diverse composition of the country explains why Castro had to use rumba to promote racial equality among the country’s inhabitants. The Cuban rumba has three different versions. The first two versions are the Guaguanco and Yambu. The two focused on the assumed differences between males and female.

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