Fungi reproduce ___________________________ by fragmentation,

Fungi reproduce ___________________________ by fragmentation, budding, or producing spores.
10. In ___________________________ , pieces of hyphae grow into new mycelia.
11. The process of a parent cell undergoing mitosis and producing a new individual that pinches off,
matures, and separates from the parent is called ___________________________ .
12. When environmental conditions are right, a ___________________________ may germinate and
produce a threadlike ___________________________ that will grow into a mycelium.
13. Some hyphae grow away from the mycelium to produce a spore-containing structure called a
___________________________ .
14. In most fungi, the structures that support ___________________________ are the only part of the
fungus that can be seen.
15. Fungi may produce spores by ___________________________ or ___________________________ .
16. Many adaptations of fungi for survival involve ___________________________ .
17. ___________________________ protect spores and keep them from from drying out until they
are released.
18. A single puffball may produce a cloud containing as many as ___________________________ spores.
19. Producing a large number of spores increases a species’ chances of ___________________________ .
20. Fungal spores can be dispersed by ___________________________ , ___________________________ ,
and ___________________________ .

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Fungi reproduce ___________________________ by fragmentation,
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