G&D’s own Ice cream cafe in Oxford.

It all started with an idea from George Stroup, who was himself a student of the Oxford University. The motivation to set up such a shop came from his own observations that in 1990 there were no quality ice cream parlors in and around Oxford, where people can get value for money products. Thus he sensed a business opportunity in providing quality ice creams at reasonable prices. He also believed that people should enjoy their food in a congenial atmosphere along with decent service provided by the staff. It was decided that in order to provide quality products to the customers, the ice cream should be manufactured indigenously. To transform the idea into actual work, supplies were arranged from the local suppliers and machines were ordered to suit the specific needs.&nbsp.

G&D has set up in house production facilities for all its products. This helps in maintaining the quality and taste of merchandise and to live up to the customer’s expectations. After significant increase in the business, G&D’s has shifted the production unit of baked goods to the George and Denver shop in 2002, while the ice cream production facility remained at the original George and Davis on the Little Clarendon street. Company’s focus was always on delivering quality and tasteful flavors to the customers. Hence the production unit keeps on experimenting with the ice cream recipes to churn out new and innovative flavors. Use of any kind of artificial flavors and preservatives are strictly avoided and stress is put on using only the best quality natural ingredients (like the jersey cream) available in the market. Added to this is the “slow turn, quick freeze” technique (G & D’s, n.d.), unique to G&D’s, which results in richer products of superior quality.

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 G&D’s own Ice cream cafe in Oxford.
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