General Psychology

EXAMINATION # 2 PSY 1012: General Psychology Dr. Liebert/Fall 2020Instructions: The purpose for this exam is to demonstrate your critical thinking as it applies to the topics discussed so far in class. This is a “take-home” exam; students may use any academic-level reference necessary to develop an appropriate, robust response to the questions below. Remember, the goal is not to merely answer each question using the least amount of words possible. Rather, the goal is to be robust, showcasing the depth of knowledge that’s been obtained from one’s study on the topic so far. All work must reflect the student’s individual efforts. The completed exam needs to be submitted to the designated Drop Box in MyCourses no later than 11:59 pm on the due date. Question 1: Critical Movie Analysis (50 pts) Students need to arrange on their own to watch Antwone Fisher (2002), directed by Denzel Washington and starring Denzel Washington and Derek Luke. T he story centers around a young man who is haunted by his memories of childhood. Question: Does this young soldier suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? You should review the section on PTSD covered in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th ed. Thisdocument is available using the APPI Psychiatry Online Premium data base from the SPC Library (which is the 10th database down on the list.) The response needs to be limited to 500-words (10% over/under). The response needs to address the question posed above and avoid any movie summary. Grading Rubric: 40 points = Critical Analysis, 10 points = grammar.Note: The movie is available for rent (about $3) on Amazon Prime. Reach out to your professor if there is any challenge locating the film. Question 2: Research Analysis (30 pts) Vignette: Joy is 22-years old and has Down’s syndrome. She completed a “certificate of attendance” but not her high school diploma. Her IQ has been assessed at 60. She has a part-time job bagging groceries at a local supermarket. She moved out of her parents’ house last year and into a half-way house specializing in meeting the needs of adults with developmental challenges. Last year she and Jerry, who also has Down’s syndrome and lives in the same facility started hanging out with each other. Six-months ago Joy started referring to Jerry as her “boyfriend.” Last week, Jerry got down on one knee, asking Joy to be his wife. Both of her parents forbid it; they will not allow her to get married and are seeking to block her from legally getting married by asking the Court to remove this right from her. Assume the role of psychologist serving as an expert witness, as this matter is now before the court. Based on the limited information provided above and the use of at least two college-level references, make a recommendation and be sure to provide the basis for your recommendation. The response needs to be limited to 250-words (10% over/under). Grading Rubric: 20 points = Diagnosis/rationale, 5 points = treatment recommendation, and 5 points = grammar/APA format. Question 3: Self-Reflection (20 pts) Take one of the tests based on Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences:Inventory of Multiple Intelligences ( Describe your findings regarding your top three intelligences, and explain the extent to which you agree or disagree with the results.No outside references are required. Grading Rubric: 20 points = Critical Rationale/Self-Reflection. 

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General Psychology
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