Genuine Interest as the Best Inspiration to Write.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Genuine Interest as the Best Inspiration to Write. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Writing is almost totally based on practice and research. I understood it while writing the very first text and with each new text my understanding was becoming firmer and firmer. Writing good texts is impossible without concentration, analysis, and some basic sense of self-critique. But it is better to stop on each of my discoveries.

It is necessary to say that all the works were equally helpful and useful for me and gave me an understanding of the essence of writing. Obviously, the first task was the most difficult and made me realize what writing really requires. With my first paper, I faced the fact that having a topic and sitting with a laptop and a cup of coffee does not mean writing. It is then I understood that writing requires efforts and concentration. A good writer must create his work word by word stringing the beads. Distraction can cause loss of thought and that is why a person must make efforts to write. Only later much later writing becomes natural and the words start flowing. But I have to say that this principle is applicable to any sphere of human life: in the first stages, you only try, fail, develop some skills, and only then the process becomes easier and brings pleasure.

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Genuine Interest as the Best Inspiration to Write.
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Analytical thinking is another thing that is a must in writing. The pleasant bonus was that it is extremely useful in real life and writing helps to improve it. When creating the first texts I had to choose and assess arguments, ideas, and concepts from different sides and decide if they are relevant to my work or not. It was very difficult often to consider some theories and concepts that are both right but still are opposite. So it is challenging sometimes to have one stable opinion regarding something. So it is a writer who decides which facts are more important and more persuasive and which are irrelevant with the help of critical analysis. Analytical thinking is the ability to analyze information critically, to define relevant from irrelevant to structure information in your own words.

Several discoveries were not as pleasant as I wanted them to be. Speaking about structure it turned out that it can be another serious ordeal to clear perception of the text. I did not realize it for a long time and paid little attention to making text coherent and logical.

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