Geography hw | Geography homework help

 You will use a well-established news source (e.g. The New York Times online, The Washington Post, The Economist, The Christian Science Monitor, etc.) to find two relatively recently published articles (within the last year): one that addresses the subject matter of human geography and one that addresses the subject matter of physical geography. Will include each of the following elements in a well-organized narrative that should be no longer than 2 pages (approximately 500 words):

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Geography hw | Geography homework help
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  • A summary of each of the articles, with clear descriptions of how the subject matter discussed in EACH article (1 for physical geography 1 for human geography) specifically addresses either physical/human geography (see Bradshaw Ch. 1 for differences in these sub-disciplines).
  • Within these descriptions/analyses, you should include how some of the fundamental concepts of geography (as discussed in Bradshaw Ch. 1) shed insight into understanding of the phenomena/event/process discussed within (each) article.
  • Full citations for each article in a works cited page.

Resources to use in completion of this assignment: Bradshaw Ch. 1; major newspaper (the newspapers listed above can all be accessed online).

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