Germany and the european union. 

 It is apparent that Germany stands a chance to benefit a lot from Europe being as vibrant as a continent. The country shares borders with many European countries, pretty much on all its sides. It is with that note that this country cannot just fail to be actively involved in pursuing a European policy. Furthermore, being located at the heart of the EU, Germany enjoys other benefits apart from the main reason such as living in harmony with each other. Benefits derived from the integration include issues such as prosperity and security among the members (Schweiger 9).

As mentioned above, the EU embraces international trade at a larger extent. Germany would benefit from this as it would the other countries in the integration. As a matter of facts, Germany can be looked at as a blessing to these other countries (Schweiger 12). This country is prosperous and has strong economic productivity (Janning, Thus, there is a lot that it brings on the table to the benefit of the EU. For instance, it has a pool of quality products and up-to-date technology that is available at reduced or no tariffs to other nations in the integration.

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Germany and the european union. 
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As would be like with any other symbiotic relationship, Germany is set to gain a lot from other nations as well. She would trade buying goods and services from other EU Nations. This will make the EU self-sufficient continent whereby all Member countries benefit (Janning, As much as it is crucial for Europe to grow strong politically, it is obvious that economic dynamism brought about by integration as well as the attractiveness of the market to have played a bigger role as a driving force that prompted other European Nations to accede (Schweiger 16).

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