Global Citizenship

 The students’ interest is to ensure that they communicate easily with each other, use the experience for future workplace.

Hult as an organization interest will aim at more marketing and promotions of school. Further, it will seek to advertise to people how HULT can create sustainable value for students and school community in its entirety. In addition, Hult as organization will aim at creating neutral relationships among its members because the organization understand that relationships contain conflicting interests that need to be mediated and eventually optimized according to new improvement philosophies. Moreover, management has been careful to maintain a high level of efficiency, and the approach has ended in a worse market response. Developing a cross-functional communication framework will become an important part of the improved CRM system, and should assist in closing the stakeholder communication gap.

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Global Citizenship
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The stakeholders of Hult Company have to conduct enough research before adopting any strategy. This is because they need to identify the opportunities and challenges that face the organization. Among the challenges that face the organization is opposition from the government. The British government does not want to see Hult organization established as a fully-fledged organization because they think it will not concentrate on the affairs of the students in the schools but instead it would concentrate on maximizing profits.

The opportunity for the Hult organization is that deans at Hult are neutral and welcomes any plan so long as it does not affect student affairs. Therefore, the best strategy to be implemented by Hult stakeholders is self-reporting. Self-reporting is necessary because it will depict those who oppose and support the organization. Further, it will aid in reconciling problems thus bringing unity among members.

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