global cold war in latin america.

How and why the global cold war came to Latin America. What propelled it and did the U.S Respond? How, when and why did the conflict end there? Historically, Latin America was known to be a battleground for two major competing systems that exhibited different ideologies. The different ideologies were the well-known communism and capitalists. United states of America moved to Latin America due to geopolitical and economic factors and it’s the same factors influenced the communist states to move from their countries to Latin America. In the end, others like the Soviets also felt the need for the Latin America.

Several countries that exhibited the communist views were taking advantage of the Latin America. The United States had to make sure they secure this backyard and in doing so, they signed the Rio Pact treaty by 1947(McPherson and Alan 318).The treaty was of importance in that it came as a warning for European nations who were taking the colonies of several other nations the moment they left.

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Another important factor that helped to protect Latin America was the defeat engineered by Fidel Castro in Cuba. It was of great importance since it helped in determining how the united states would come up with policies and how they would be implemented. The policies were concerned with mainly the social and economic welfare of the people. Furthermore, the Defeat by Fidel Castro saw the alienation of American companies in the whole Latin America. This was a drawback to United States and as he signed pacts and treaties that benefited the economy and military of his country.

Cold war in Latin ends with the end in Fidel Castro’s revolution. At the moment, the Latin America had little or no support from the neighboring nations that is Moscow and United States. Since it became an isolated place, it sized to be the strategic point after the cold war. In the end it become of no value to the two countries, which implied that they attained little help in building their political and economic pillars.

Question 9: How did the adoption and ratification of organizations that opposed the crime of genocide work in practice for countries such as Rwanda, Somalia, and Yugoslavia in

the 1990s? Did it Work or not?

Rwanda, Somalia, and Yugoslavia are among the many countries that have experienced instances and situations of mass violence. Many other countries were being affected by mass violence at an alarming rate and this resulted to the emergence of support organizations such as United Nations Conventions for the prevention and punishment of the crime of Genocide.

The United Nations had to take action especially after the mass violence genocide in Rwanda and the ethnic killings in Yugoslavia. This action was justified because various treaties formed during the cold war did not restrain United Nations.

Ratification and adoption of policies against the genocide crimes was a success in Yugoslavia and this has defined the current position of the country which consists of six nations. This is a good indication that though it faced massive ethnic killings and crimes it has developed greatly.

On the other hand, United Nations undertook ratifications in Rwanda, which was a major success that has seen the country to rank among the countries with rapid economic developments in Africa despite the fact that the old generation is still being haunted by the genocide stories.

Unlike Yugoslavia and Rwanda, Somalia has still remained a country of massive war associated with religious killings with no government to control it.It has also been prone to terrorists who have taken over the state and pose a security threat to the neighboring countries.

Works Cited

McPherson, Alan L. Encyclopedia of U.s. Military Interventions in Latin America. Santa Barbara, Calif: ABC-CLIO, 2013. Print.

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