Global Concern in Food Sustainability

An abstract is required. This&nbsp.consistent degradation has posted a number of challenges in feeding a global population that is anticipated to reach over 9 million people in 2050 in accordance to a report issued by the FAO report (2014). This situation has become more apparent in developing countries where many people are vulnerable to poverty.

A large part of the world today has experienced land degradation. In particular, high incidences of land degradation can be experienced in places such as North Africa, Southern Europe, the Mediterranean region, West coast of America, throughout Asia, the Horn of Africa, and across the Sahel. Decrease of land and loss of soil quality has been the greatest threat, followed by water resources, renewable energy, and biodiversity. In the context of the rising, and growth of population and climatic change, there has been an equally increasing need for food, water, energy resources. These have necessitated many governments to plan and find solutions that can effectively assist in securing food, water and resources for the present, and future generations (FAO, 2012). Addressing these important issues will ensure that the three crucial securities are coordinated, and assist in not only sustainable development, but also ensure a functional ecosystem.

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Global Concern in Food Sustainability
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With regard to land, the World Food Programme (2013), affirms that one-quarter of the earth’s land is extremely degraded while 8% is moderately degraded. On the other hand, 37% of this land is deemed to be slightly degraded or stable while 10% is ranked as improving. Water bodies (2%) cover the remaining share, while the rest of the land is bare. According to FAO, degradation is not only related to water or soil but also other effects to the ecosystem such as loss of biodiversity. A large section of the earth is currently experiencing land, water and energy degradation.

This degradation is due to the current farming practices that result in wind and water erosion, loss of topsoil compaction, organic matter, soil pollution, nutrient loss, and salinization.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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