Global market system.

 The products observed in this paper will consist of electronic products, specifically cellular phones, and transportation products, specifically automobiles. In the United States, the competition in the marketplace within both cellular phones producers and automobile manufacturers is quite fierce. From the standpoint of the global marketplace, the countries for consideration relative to consumption of both cellular phones and automobiles would be China, Mexico, and Japan. The international marketplace for cellular phones and automobiles in these nations as compared to use within the United States will be explored in this paper.

The high cellular phone usage stems from the busy life of the average consumer. Modern consumers are forced to be more mobile in today’s society. To take advantage of this consumer need, leaders of companies such as Motorola and Nextel have extensive advertising budgets. They use advertising to increase their corporate customer base and to maintain the loyalty of their existing customers. Within the United States, the market for cellular phones is considerable and experts do not anticipate a decline in the market or usage in the foreseeable future.

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Global market system.
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The improvements made to cell phone design and function are done so that customers are able to get more uses out of the phone which they possess. In busy lives, multitasking becomes crucial and the multitasking nature of the cell phones that many uses, has become very instrumental to the countless users who subscribe to the service, to begin with. In the case of those who live in China, Jing Wang, in a speech given to the MIT Communications Forum on November 17, 2005, on Cell Phone Culture, says the following, “By 2008, there will be close to 500 million Chinese mobile phone&nbsp.subscribers.&nbsp.

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