Global Warming a Hotly Debated Topic

His greatest criticism focuses on the Stern report, upon which many other global warming proponents have based their claims. He begins by pointing out Stern’s lack of acknowledgement regarding the various scientific studies that refute that global warming is happening, as a responsible scientific research study should do, and then moves on to attack other aspects of Stern’s scientific method. “He is guilty of misreading the data, of distorting the evidence to suit his political masters’ dogma, of throwing numbers about with reckless abandon, of promoting alarmism in place of rational discussion, and of reinventing climate history.” Refuting Stern’s climatic claims, Lindzen offers verifiable dates regarding scientific inventions that facilitated accurate record keeping, but offers no sources to back up his other statements regarding evidence of a warmer Middle Ages or a colder 17th century, an expanding Greenland or the reasons behind increases in polar bear numbers. In his criticism, he accuses Stern and others of having a hidden agenda, centered on providing more power and money to those in positions of leadership, making the Stern report little more than political rhetoric. Although his stated purpose is to open up the global debate to explore other possible causes of global warming, he offers merely an attack on the Stern report, backed by a hypocritical lack of outside sources or acknowledgement of dissension in the ranks of supporters.

The newspaper article was initiated in support of an upcoming network television special in which the Global Warming issue was to be examined in terms of its invalidity or at least lack of full investigation and hard evidence.

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Global Warming a Hotly Debated Topic
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